Sizzing Hot Pork Sisig Satisfying Our Cravings!

Sisig is another very popular Filipino dish! It is usually for pulutan but as time passes by, this is already eaten as ulam. Oh yes, this is our favorite ulam specially for dinner!

Originally, sisig is a street food where its main ingredient is a pig head (ulo ng baboy) or pig ear (tenga ng baboy) chopped into smaller pieces and fried. Joining the chopped pig's part as its other ingredients are chopped onion, sliced green or red chili, and topped with egg and mayonnaise. In the present age, sisig then comes in different varieties. Aside from the usual pig, we now how chicken sisig, bangus sisig, lechon sisig, liempo sisig and even beef sisig! But still, the pork sisig which is made of pork's ear is our favorite! 

Sisig is said originated from Pampanga. According to our research, its existence was first recorded in a Kapampangan dictionary back in 1732 by Diego BergaƱo, a Spanish missionary who served as the parish priest for Mexico, Pampanga at the time. Wow, it's great to know! Therefore, when we visited Clark Pampanga in one of the events that we had attended, we had tried its pork sisig!

And yes, here is the said crispy crunchy sizzling pork sisig that we had during our said visit:

Swear, this is so yummy! We really can't resist! And it was served to us sizzling hot in the sizzling plate! Until now while writing this article, I'm still craving for this crunchy crispy sizzling pork sisig!

The pork's part used in this sisig is our favorite pork's ear or the tenga ng baboy fried until it turns crispy and crunchy! The chopped onions and a mixture of green and red chili add more flavors to the recipe making it more yummy and savory!

And as you can see, the finish product was topped by a sunny-side up egg which automatically cooked when put on top of the sizzling hot dish! 

Adding more savor to our pork sisig is no other than the white mayonnaise poured all over the recipe! Wow!

Giving you more trivia about sisig, did you know that the dish's name comes from “sisigan,” an old Tagalog word which means “to make it sour?” But in the modern time or in our present generation, the way sisig was cooked or prepared varies! We also have now this sizzling crispy and crunchy sisig that truly satisfied our cravings! 

Do you also love sisig? What time or variety of sisig do you like and love the most? Well, feel free to share with us your favorite sisig or your sisig recipe and let's talk and discuss it on our next post! Sisig, sisig... so sizzling hot, we can't resist you! :)

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