Mixed Vegetable Salad for a Balance Diet

Salad is everywhere! And there are lots of different salads to choose and eat from!

Just recently, I have tasted this salad from an event I have attended in one of the five star hotels in Makati. They are serving the best salad in town. Just like what they served to me, it's a salad for a balance diet!

Here is the said salad that will keep me coming back for more:

This is a healthy mixed vegetable salad for a balance diet! It is a mixed vegetable salad because as you can see, almost all of your favorite vegetables are present in this recipe!

Part of the ingredients in this salad are lettuce, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, red beans, bean sprout, reddish, and carrot. It also has bacon strips hence it's a balance diet - veggies and meat combined!

There are also three or more dressings that you can choose from - thousand islands, ranch, spicy onion, mayonaise, and ceasar dressing.

Also part of the ingredients of this mixed vegetable salad are the lychees and the sour black grape-like veggie.           

Oh well, if you're on a strict diet, this salad will perfectly suit you! It's a guilt-free eating because you won't worry about fats and calories. 

What's your favorite salad? Feel free to share it with us! Will discuss more on my succeeding posts! :)

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