About Food Tripz.com

Welcome to our blog, the Food Tripz.com or simply the Food Tripz!

Food Tripz is a Gen Z food blog focusing about food trips and different delicacies! Yes, every food you love is here! 

I travel to different places to try and taste the different food offered by those places. Afterwards, I feature those food here in my blog site to let my readers know about that food, its origin, a little trivia about that food, its main ingredients, and how to prepare that food by yourself. I also give my honest review on that food after I've tasted it.   

I've started touring the nearby places in the Philippines since our country and its towns are rich with different Filipino cuisines and delicacies. Their foods have lots to offer - not only its taste and goodness but the stories behind these foods which already part of the Philippine history and culture.

But of course my food trip features were not only limited to the Philippines. I also toured around Asia and traveled to the different Asian countries and will bring you their special food offerings there. Asian cuisine are also rich and flavorful. They also have lots of interesting trivia and stories that my readers would love.

Western foods and beverages were also featured here in my blog. I've also discussed here their influence to the country and to the younger generation, the modern generation which is the Gen Z. Hence the "Z" at the end of the title of Food Tripz represents the Gen Z generation - all fresh and young, as fresh as the food that I am featuring!  

Food is life as they always say! They are already part of our lifestyle and culture. Hence, I'm offering and featuring all types of food here in my blog from simple appetizers to sumptuous main courses! And if there are main cuisines or lovely dishes, they are also desserts that will add sweetness and delights to your lifestyle.  

And if you love cakes and pastries, we are also featuring all types of pastries here from a simple bread to a glamorous cake! 

Drinks and beverages were also featured here to quench your thirst after having a sumptuous meal. All flavors, name it, we have it!

So are ready to have a food trip with me? Who's excited to taste different food and delicacies and at the same time know they exciting trivia and stories behind your favorite food? Navigate here in my pages and experience the Food Tripz - the Gen Z trends about variety of different foods! :)

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