A Deep Fried Crunchy Tilapia

Who loves fried foodies like fried chicken, pork chop, or french fries? How about loves to eat crispy ulam or pulutan like Crispy Pata or Crispy Ulo? But how about our favorite seafood like the popular fish?

Well today, I will show to you one of my favorite Filipino dishes served to us in a high-class restaurant during one of our events. And this is the Fried Tilapia or the Fried St. Peter's Fish or Fried Sunfish.

Tilapia or sunfish or St. Peter's Fish is one of the popular Pinoy fishes. It's best served in its fried form! But what makes this fried tilapia different from the usual fried sunfish we used to eat? Does it means that since it was served in a hi-end restaurant already tagged it as extra special?

This fried tilapia or fried sunfish is different from the other fried fish because of the following:

  • It is so crunchy! Eating this fried tilapia seems that you are eating chicharon or fish crackers.
  • It is deep fried in a hot cooking oil. My friend said that it was deep fried in a hot Olive Oil. Wow!
  • It tastes so delicious! You can't easily tell that you are eating tilapia when you taste this dish!
  • It is savor with herbs making it more flavorful!
  • It is served with best sauces. You can have your choice if you want to dip it in a spicy vinegar or in a sweet-spicy sauce. That sweet-spicy sauce is similar to the sauce of our favorite pork lumpiang shanghai. 
And now, here is the actual crunchy fried tilapia that we had during our dinner:
This deep fried crunchy tilapia or St. Peter's fish or sunfish comes with hot rice! Since it's too yummy, I can't help myself but to have another cups of extra rice! I can't count if how many extra cups of rice I requested from the waiter!

Aside from the spicy vinegar and spicy-sweet chili sauce that I have mentioned above, this crunchy fried tilapia is also served with us with its third dip. That third sauce dip is the soy sauce mixed with calamansi, chili, and onions! Oh wow, I almost feel hungry now!  

Will you try to taste some? Well next time, I'll treat you with this yummy fried crunchy tilapia to let you feel and experience the same!

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