Saucy Garlic Chicken in Palayok

We had another sumptuous lunch in one of the classy hi-end restaurants which is serving Filipino dishes. And this is during our event in Bonifacio Global City.  

Most of the dishes and menus served to us were already known Filipino food. They were the usual bida in our Pinoy table. But, there is one menu which caught my attention. This is a chicken cooked and served inside the clay pot or the so-called palayok.

According to the chef who served the food for us, this Pinoy recipe is known as "Saucy Garlic Chicken in Palayok." The menu's name already explained the ingredients which comprised this ulam.

Here is the photo of the said dish:

As you can see, there are lots of chopped garlic poured and savored into the chicken. These garlic adds spice and taste to the chicken giving the menu its natural garlic taste.

The menu is also savored with gravy, the brown sauce where we usually dip our favorite fried chicken. Hence, the dish becomes saucy and more flavorful!   

Aside from the garlic and sauce, this chicken recipe is also poured with herbs. Yes, these were the bits of green leaves on top of the chicken.

Then what makes it different to the popular Pinoy food "Adobo" that we used to know? Well, they are similar with Adobo because of lots of garlic as part of its main ingredients. But unlike Adobo, this Saucy Garlic Chicken has its brown sauce similar to gravy instead of the soy sauce which is the other components of Adobo.

And what makes this dish stands out from the rest? Yes, this is cooked and served in a clay pot commonly known in Filipino as "palayok." Inside this "palayok" or should I say "magic palayok," the goodness of chicken emerged in a smokey hot servings! So yummy that we want to try again in our next visit in the restaurant! :)

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