Taste the Sticky Dessert Called "Sikreto ni Maria Clara!"

Tired of having the same dessert over and over again? During meal time, are you still looking for sweet and cold desserts like ice cream, cake, salad, and the like? How about the Filipino desserts like ube halaya, leche flan, or suman?

But for some, they still love fruits like mango, banana, watermelon, avocado, melon, grapes, and oranges serve as dessert. For me, I love the buko pandan, the green gulaman blended with yummy coconut and sweet creamy condensed milk!

Well, those desserts well already popular in our table. Name it, we know it! Even kids love those desserts served on the Filipino table. But today, I'll share with you a unique dessert served during our lunch in one of the hi-class, hi-end restaurant serving Filipino dishes! This dessert is called "Sikreto ni Maria Clara" (Secret of Maria Clara).

And before I discuss with you its ingredients, let me first share with you its yummy photo. Here is how this dessert looks like:

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the dessert so-called "Sikreto ni Maria Clara" (Secret of Maria Clara)!

As you can see, it's a creamy white dessert served cold with ice. The main ingredients of this yummy dessert are mango, suman or sticky rice, coconut milk, banana, and condensed milk.

These ingredients were blended or mixed altogether. For some, they add brown sugar or coconut sugar similar to mascovado on top of it to make it more flavorful!

It is called "Sikreto ni Maria Clara" (Secret of Maria Clara) since it symbolizes the purity of Maria Clara that's why the dessert is colored white. The sticky thing which is the suman or the sticky rice symbolizes the close-family ties of Maria Clara to her family.

Well I know you already know who Maria Clara is. Yes, Maria Clara is the lead character of Dr. Jose Rizal's famous iconic novel Noli Me Tangere. And just recently, the character dominated the Primetime TV via a series, a Philippine TV adaptation of the novel called "Maria Clara at Ibarra."  The series is also currently streaming on Netflix!

Back to our dessert review, this Filipino-made dessert is so yummy and flavorful! It blended the taste of your favorite suman and buko. It complemented the sweetness. And yes, you will definitely ask for more! 

Aside from its symbolic meaning, what I love most about this dessert is that it is so easy to prepare! You don't need to be a Master Chef to achieve the goodness, the flavor, and the classy taste of Maria Clara's secret!

Try and taste this dessert on your own and share us your feedback afterwards! Will definitely prepare this at home! :)

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