Crispy Calamares for Snack

Filipinos love to make their own dish or recipe for meryenda or light snack. But aside from the snack, they also make recipe for pulutan specially when there are occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or simple celebrations.
One of the popular Pinoy snack or pulutan is the crispy calamares or the fried squid. These squids were chopped into small circular pieces and deep fried into a hot cooking oil! For some, they wrapped the squid into breading or baking soda before deep frying it to the hot cooking oil. Breading also varies in flavors and variance - some were spicy, others were with garlic, and mostly those mixed with black pepper!  
During one of our weekend events, the brand which we covered treated us to a hi-end Filipino restaurants which are serving extra-ordinary Pinoy dishes. And one of these dishes is the Crispy Calamares! And here is the said dish which was served to us:

And what makes this crispy squid or crispy calamares different from the other crispy calamares we used to taste? Well, instead of the huge squid chopped into tiny pieces in circular shapes, this crispy calamares that we've tasted were made from small squids!

Yes, tiny squids were rolled or wrapped into breading or baking soda and were deep friend into a hot cooking oil! These were so crunchy! Taking bites of these little squids will truly make you ask for more! 

The flavor or the variance of the breading is garlic! It's a little bit spicy since black tiny pepper were also mixed to it!

But aside from the breading and its variance, what makes this crunchy crispy calamares so flavorful is its deep! It was served together with sweet and spicy chili sauce! That said sweet and spicy chili sauce is similar to the sauce where we deep our favorite lumpiang shanghai (pork lumpia).

This crunchy crispy calamares is best paired with beer. But if you're not a drinker (like me), it can also be paired with softdrinks or colas. And yes, fruit juices like mango juice, pineapple juice, buko juice, watermelon juice, guava juice and the like is also a perfect pair for it! During our lunch, I paired it with watermelon shake! So yummy!

Have you already tried this crispy calamares? Well, feel free to share us your thoughts and reviews with us and we will discuss it here in our website! :)

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