Bagnet: A Crispy Pork Belly in a Banana Leaf

Bagnet or the so-called crispy pork belly is another very popular Filipino dish. It is always present in most of the Filipino celebrations like in fiesta, birthdays, anniversaries, or simple occasions. And yes, it is also present in most of the inuman since bagnet is a favorite pulutan!

When we had our dinner in one of the hi-end restaurants in Pampanga, a yummy and so crispy bagnet was served to us! It's so crispy that we can't resist every bite!

This is the said bagnet dish that was served to us:

Oh yes, this is another extra-ordinary bagnet! Aside from being a deep fried pork belly, it is served to us with perfection!

As you can see, the bagnet is served to us in a banana leaf. This make it a more native food, a signature Filipino dish! It was also sprinkled with chopped onion leaves making the dish more flavorful!  

The bagnet is best dipped in lechon sauce or the so-called sarsa. But here in our dish, an atchara served as its side dish. The atchara that was served to us is made of the unripe papaya (my favorite) which also served as pantanggal umay.

We paired this bagnet with a hot rice. We had a plenty of hot rice in a huge white bowl. A hot rice and a crispy bagnet are indeed a perfect pair!

Giving you a trivia about bagnet, did you know that bagnet is the Ilocano version of of deep fried pork belly dish? It is often mistaken as lechon kawali but the main difference is, bagnet is the “chinitcharon” version of the two. Definitely, it is more crispy and crunchy than lechon kawali!

Bagnet is also known as "chicharon" in Ilokano. This explains why the dish is so crunchy and so crispy in every bite!   

Aside from the usual lechon sauce or sarsa and the typical atchara, bagnet is also best dipped in spicy vinegar! Sukang Paumbong mixed with onion, garlic, red chili, and other ingredients will definitely compliment its taste making it more savory!

Do you also love bagnet? Where in the Philippines do you eat the best and the crispiest bagnet dish ever? And what is your favorite dip that will also serve as the side dish for your bagnet? :)

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