Dark Chocolate Frappe Paired with Takoyaki for Snack

Frappe is one of my favorite beverages. I love it specially when a creamy milk is poured into it. Frappe has different flavors or variations. And one of my favorite flavors of frappe is the Dark Chocolate Frappe!

And just today, I have ordered my favorite dark chocolate frappe here in the nearby frappe store in our home. And I paired it with Takoyaki, one of the popular Japanese snack!

So ladies and gentlemen, here are my dark chocolate frappe and takoyaki completing my yummy snack for the day:

Did you know that the name "Frappe" originally comes from France? Yes, it's actually a French word which describes drinks with chilled ice! Hence in most of the frappe served to us today, a crunched ice is the major component of this drink. 

Frappe is originally made from coffee poured with creamy milk. Hence it was called before as Frappuccino. But in the modern times, the frappuccino evolves into different varieties, into different new flavors with different ingredients and add-ons. Therefore we simply name it today as frappe since most of the frappe today is not made of coffee. Some of the frappes available in the market are the mango frappe, mocha frappe, matcha frappe, cheese cake frappe, taro or ube frappe, and the dark chocolate frappe which I've just ordered today.

Aside from the dark chocolate which is the main flavor of my frappe, there are additional ingredients or sinkers that made this beverage extraordinary. And these are the creamy cheese cake and the black pearl as you can see in the picture. And yes, it was topped by a creamy milk and chocolate syrup which makes this frappe yummier and more flavorful! 

And of course my drink and my whole snack for the day wouldn't be competed if there's no side meal. As you can see, pairing my dark chocolate frappe is no other than the takoyaki!

Oh yes, the dark chocolate frappe and the takoyaki are the best pair or the best combination for a snack! They complimented one another! Great! 

As I've said earlier, takoyaki is s a Japanese snack in the shape of little round balls containing pieces of octopus. Tako-yaki literally translates to “octopus-grilled/fried” and some people may call it “Grilled Octopus Balls” or “Octopus Dumplings." Inside these circular balls are pieces of squids or octopus! But in the modern times, takoyaki also evolved. Today, you can find takoyaki with bacon or cheese flavors!

In my snack of course, I've ordered the classic takoyaki - the one with the octopus pieces inside. Yes, octopus is my favorite! In my takoyaki, it was dipped in a sweet takoyaki sauce poured with white mayonnaise on top! There are also flakes of squid sprinkled on it! So yummy!

On my next post, I will share with you more of my favorite octopus or octo-bits takoyaki. For now, let's enjoy eating this yummy takoyaki paired with a dark chocolate frappe!

What can you say about my snack for today? Do you like it? Aside from takoyaki, what do you think is a best pair for a dark chocolate frappe for snack? Feel free to share your snack combination with us! :)

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