A Crispy Deep-Fried Vegetable Okoy

Who among you are vegetarian or those who loves eating only vegetables? Yes, if some hate to eat vegetables, there are also some who loves eating them!

There are lots of recipes involving our favorite vegetables. You will mostly found them as side dishes of your main course meat. But for some, the vegetables are already their main dish!

Today, I will share with you one of my favorite vegetable recipes. Actually, this is also one of the favorite Filipino dishes. And this is no other than the"Okoy!" 

In English or in International language, okoy or ukoy is known as the Filipino crispy-fried fritters. You can also simply called it as fritters!  And to give you a little more trivia, okoy means "cake made from Taro!"

Almost all of the vegetables are present in okoy. Name it, they have it! Some of the vegetables present in okoy  are sweet potatoes, cabbage, squash, singkamas, carrots, green papaya, taro, and bean sprouts.

During our travel in Clark, a special deep fried okoy was served to us in one of a  high-end Filipino restaurant. And this is the said deep fried okoy we had during that dinner:

This is one of the best-tasting okoys we ever had! It is crispy and crunchy at the same time! And yeah, it is deep fried to Olive Oil!

This okoy is also best dip in a spicy natural vinegar! The spices and natural ingredients in the vinegar add more flavor to okoy.

Aside from vegetables, there are other types of okoy. And one of these types is the shrimp fritters. As its name suggest, this type is made of shrimp. Shrimp is the main ingredients of this type! I'll discuss it with you soon on my future post! 

Have a taste of our favorite deep-fried vegetable fritter or okoy! It's so tasty and yummy that you can't resist! :)

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