A Vegetable Egg Roll to Taste For!

Lumpia is definitely one of the best very own Filipino dishes. It comes in different varieties such as the lumpiang shanghai, lumpiang ubod, and lumpiang gulay to name few. And yes, these lumpias are my favorite!

On my previous posts, I've already featured and shared with you my two favorite lumpias namely the lumpiang shanghai or spring roll and the lumpiang ubod or the fresh lumpia which I've tasted from two different places that we had visited. So for today, the lumpiang gulay will take the spotlight!

Lumpiang gulay in English or in international language is known as the vegetable egg roll. It is mainly made of toge or sprout beans wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and deep fried into a hot cooking oil! 

Aside from the toge or beans sprout, the other components of vegetable lumpia are tomatoes, carrot, cabbage, pepper and tokwa. In some other recipes, small slices of meat such as pork are added to it. Ground pork is also another optional component of this yummy deep fried recipe!

Well, let me share with you another best tasting vegetable lumpia that we had during our recent dinner n one of a fine-dinning restaurant. Here it is:

Lumpiang gulay usually comes in bigger sizes. But as time goes by, modern recipe of this Filipino dish varies the sizes of lumpiang gulay into different sizes. In the lumpia that we had above, they came or they were served into smaller pieces.

And just like the other lumpias which have their dedicated sauce, lumpiang gulay  or the vegetable egg roll is best dip into a sour spicy vinegar! As you can see in our dinner, even its vinegar is full of different ingredients - red and green chili, onion, garlic, black pepper, small slices of cucumber were all present!

This is so flavorful vegetable lumpia that I have tasted! It's a best appetizer before the main dish. It can also be a best snack paired with cold sago't gulaman!

Lumpiang gulay, lumpiang sariwa, and lumpiang shanghai...which of these three do you like and love the most? :)

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