Salmon with Meat and Veggies on the Side

Salmon  is my favorite fish recipe in most of the events that I have attended. In most of the buffet or in a hi-end restaurant, salmon is always present as one of the main dishes completing a balance diet menu together with meat and vegetables! 

Salmon also comes in variety of recipes. But in what ever recipes it comes, I always love this fish dish completing the main course. 

In one of the events that I have attended in a five star hotel, I love how the salmon was served and presented to us. Here is it:

As you can see, the salmon comes in a balance diet serving - there is a fish, a meat, and a variety of vegetables in one plate! That's so awesome!

On this serving, the salmon is the 'lead star' or the main dish! Together with it on the side is a saucy slice of pork meat. 

Joining them as more of the side dishes are different kinds of vegetables. We have the broccoli, the cauliflower, the carrot, the bean sprout, the garlic, the onion, and the cucumber! They were all served fresh!

Salmon is also one of the healthiest fish to eat. It is a source of Omega-3 and Vitamin B12. It is also a good source of protein. It also offers other nutrients like potassium, iron, and Vitamin D. 

Well of course, the side dishes of the salmon recipe specially the vegetables will give you the other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals not present with the salmon. It's truly indeed a balance diet meal for the night!

Do you also love salmon? What type of recipe do you like most with salmon? :)

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