Pan De Coco Filled with Butter or Ube Jam!

Pan De Coco is one of an all-time favorite Filipino bread. It is a pastry most common in the bakeries. And yes, this type of bread is one of the breads we grew up with. I remember my childhood days with this bread since pan de coco is one of our favorite snacks back then.

As time passes by, different variations of pan de coco come out in the market. More recipes involving the favorite pan de coco were created by the pastry chefs. And today, I'll share with you one of the variations of pan de coco I bought in one of the bakeries in the mall I've visited.

Great to see and taste this kind of pan de coco. Let me say, it's a pan de coco with filling! Here are some:

These pan de cocos are of two types - one filled with butter and the other one is filled with ube jam! And yes, both of them are with fillings!

Unlike the common or the usual pan de coco  wherein the fillings are crushed or strands of sweet coconut, the coconuts of these pan de cocos where sprinkled on top of the bread! You will feel and taste it in every bite of the bread. And instead of the coconut inside as their fillings, a butter or an ube jam filled the yummy bread!  

What more, aside from the coconut, crushed of cheese were also sprinkled on top of these soft, fluppy, and yummy breads!

I also love the presentation of these pan de coco - they were served in a plate together with banana leaves increasing your appetite!

These pan de cocos  were perfect for snack or light meal during break times. And yes, a brewed coffee or a hot dark chocolate can be best paired to them as your beverage!

Butter or ube jam - which of these two pan de coco fillings is a beast fillings for these bread? Well for me, I love both! They are equally yummy and tasty making our favorite pan de coco more flavorful! :)

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