A Golden Bangus Tinapa with Sunny-Side Up Egg for a Full Breakfast

To start our busy day, it is necessary to fuel up by eating our breakfast before going to work or starting our activities for the day. And one of my favorite breakfasts that always keeps me going is a tinapa  or smoked fish together with fried garlic rice and sunny-side up egg!

And just this morning, I had my full breakfast with my favorite meal! Yes, a full breakfast because a huge bangus tinapa or a smoked fish bangus was served together of course with sunny-side up egg and a tasty fried garlic rice!

Here is an up, close with my full blast meal:

It is another extra-ordinary breakfast served to me from one of my favorite restaurants. It's another meal that I truly cannot resist!

As you can see, the bangus  or the milk fish tinapa  is fried to perfection! It is crunchy and crispy at the same time! And because it is perfectly fried, its golden color emerged! And yes, this is a boneless fish! 

The golden fried bangus tinapa is paired with a sunny-side up egg. They are a perfect pair that you will definitely ask for more!

The golden fried bangus tinapa  and the sunny-side up fried egg are joined with a garlic fried rice. The rice is so tasty that you will definitely ask for another cup!
And look, I even love the side dish! It is a mixture of veggies which include tomato, cucumber, onion, garlic, mango which were all sliced into its tiny bits and pieces!  

And of course, a hot coffee or dark chocolate is a perfect match beverage for this yummy meal making you up and kicking for a busy start of the day.

Actually aside for breakfast, this meal combination is also perfect for lunch or dinner! The combo will definitely cover your meal for the day. It's all up to you if you want it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! This is combo or often called in Filipino as 'tinapasilog' is another Pinoy dish that we can't resist! :)

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