An Overloaded Goto!

Who loves goto? Count me in! Goto is my favorite lugaw or rice porridge!  

Rice porridge or congee or popularly known in Filipino as lugaw is one of the famous Filipino foods. It has two versions - the arroz caldo  and the goto. 

In arroz caldo, chicken is its main ingredients. Goto on the other hand, the beef tripe or the tuwalya ng baka is its main ingredients. But in one of the goto restaurant that we had dined in, the beef tripe is not only its main ingredients.

Oh well before I discuss our special goto dinner, check out this first and be amazed:

Amazing, isn't it?!

Yes as you can see, this is an overloaded gotoi! There are so many ingredients inside the bowl! Aside from the beef tripe or tuwalya ng baka, there are lots of toppings above the dish!

Definitely and obviously, the pork bagnet is one of its main ingredients! That crispy and crunchy bagnet add more fun and twist to the recipe. It's delightfully crispy and yummy at the same time!

The two slices of eggs are also noticeable! But take note, these are not the ordinary boiled eggs - they are the salty eggs or the so-called 'itlog na maalat' or the 'tlog na pula!'

There are also lots of fried garlic sprinkled on the top of the recipe! Yes, they made our special goto more flavorful! 

What more, there are also green leaves on top of the main dish. These are the onion leaves which made the recipe more tasty and captivating!

Also, there are bits and pieces of pork chicharon also sprinkled on the recipe! They add more twist to our well-loved lugaw

The servings of this overloaded goto is really huge! It can already be your main meal for the night! With all of its ingredients in one big bowl, you will already becomes a stomach-full!

So tempting and captivating! We will definitely go back and eat more! :)

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