Street Food Match with Watermelon Juice

Who among you loves to eat street food? Can you name some of the street food you usually eat during snack time?

Well today, let me share with you two of my favorite street food that we have during our recent afternoon event. They were served on my table hot and deep fried! And these two are the kikiam and the squid ball! 

Here they are served in one plate:

The Kikiam and the Squid Ball are two of the top favorite Filipino street foods. They were crunchy when deep fried in a hot cooking oil! They were also soft at the same time when half cooked!

These kikiam and squid ball pair was made yummier because of their two dips - the spicy vinegar and their very own squid ball sauce. You can mix these dips together making these street foods more flavorful! 

Now, what do you think is a drink that will perfectly match this kikiam and squid ball combination? Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet my watermelon juice:

This watermelon juice is not just an ordinary watermelon. It is mixed with red gulaman  or jelly with evaporated milk. In some cases instead of an evaporated milk, they mix a coconut milk into the juice. 

Soaked with ice cubes, this watermelon juice is not only a perfect match to our favorite street food. It is also a perfect refresher for a hot summer!

Do you love my street food combination matched with a refreshing drink? Now it's your turn! Feel free to share your favorite street food with us together with your favorite refreshing drink and let's discuss them below in our comment section! Enjoy!


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