Good To Sea and You: The Plant-Based Seafood Gooddies!

It's time to life healthy! And having a healthy lifestyle starts with the food that we eat!

Today, let me share with you two of my favorite healthy food - the seafood and the plant-based food! Yes, I love seafood! And if you let me choice between seafood and meat, I will definitely prefer seafood! I'm a lover of squid, cram, crabs, lobsters, and the like. 

And aside from the seafood, I also love vegetables and fruits. Thanks God that nowadays, plant-based foods replacing the actual meat are already in-demand in the market! It's a guilt free eating that you cannot resist!

Now combining my love for seafood and veggies gives rise to this so-called Plant-Based Seafood Goodies:

This is 100% natural! It comes from fresh seafood blended with natural herbs! Most of the products were plant-based giving you the authentic taste of your favorite seafood! And it comes with different flavors like fish, lobsters, and crabs!

What more exciting about this product, it comes from Thailand! Thai people loves eating these goodies for their daily snacks! No wonder why these cute Thai people always look young because they love eating healthy foods.

On my upcoming posts, I'll share with you the three flavors of these plant-based seafood goodies I bought during the Thai week. We'll definitely sea you on my next post! 

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