Tiny Yet Healthy Colorful Vegetable Salad for a Heathy Lifestyle!

Salad is part of our healthy lifestyle. It's already a complete diet giving us most of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed by our body. And yes, there are lots of varieties of salads to choose from. There's a kani salad, a fruit salad, a fruit salad, a caesar salad, a macaroni salad, a vegetable salad, and a lot more to choose from!

And for today, I will share with you a vegetable salad served to us during a grand product launch that we had attended in a five star hotel.   

And this is the said vegetable salad that we had:

I described this vegetable salad as a tiny yet healthy colorful veggie salad! It is because most of its ingredients are composed of small or tiny pieces. Just like the red tomatoes in it, they are so cute and tiny in sizes. They are of the same sizes of a grape fruit! 

You can also see tiny white mushrooms as part of its main ingredients. These mushrooms join the vegetables in giving us the proper nutrients for a healthier lifestyle! 

Aside from the tiny mushrooms and tomatoes, other vegetables that also served as the main ingredients of this salad recipe are the lettuce, beans, onion, basil leaves, and ripe mangoes cute in small square pieces.  

Aside from the vegetable and fruit composition of this salad, other components of this yummy veggie salad are the quail eggs. These quail eggs are the perfect sources of protein giving us the balance diet we all need.

This vegetable salad served as an appetizer before having our main course during our event. But if you are on a strict diet, you can already have this salad as your main meal since it provides most of our needed nutrients. For some, they also eat this salad for snack or as a form of a light meal.

Pairing this vegetable salad for drinks or beverages are fruit juices or fruit shakes. It's your choice if what fruit flavor do you want for your beverage!

Meanwhile for a carbohydrates source, you can have a wheat bread together with this salad! It's already a complete and balance diet! Agree!     

I also love how this vegetable salad was presented or served to us. As you can see, it's so cute and colorful that you may not want to eat it. But since it looks so yummy, you will easily captivated by it and you will want to have some more!

How about you? What is your favorite salad? Which of the salad ingredients do you like and love the most? Feel free to share it with us and we will discuss! :) 

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