Cute Red Bean Matcha Bingsu with a Heart

Seems that summer is not yet over when we had our dessert in a hi-end Asian restaurant. We had tasted their special dessert, the Bingsu. Bingsu or bingsoo is a dessert which originated from Korea.  It is a shaved ice which is usually topped with milk, beans, fruits, and syrup. I've first tasted bingsu in a Korean fast-food chain. 

The bingsu which is the special tea of this Asian restaurant comes in three flavors. And the flavor that I have tasted first is the Red Bean Matcha Bingsu

And here is the said sweet icy green bingsu that we had:

This bingsu which is called the Red Bean Matcha Bingsu is the restaurant's best-selling bingsu dessert. It's main flavor is a green matcha with red beans on its side hence it's named as "red bean matcha" bingsu. As you can see, the presentation of the dessert is so cute!

So cute because aside from its main ingredients, there are cute little toppings that add more attraction to the dessert.  These cute little thingy are the red heart and the tiny yellow bears on the side. These cute heart and bear are made of candies.

Moreover, there are also three sticks of pretzel biscuits on top of the shaved ice. There are also bits of peanuts sprinkled on top. And yes, the whole dessert is poured by creamy white milk.

I have also tasted bits of cookies on the dessert adding more flavor to the bingsu.  

This red bean matcha bingsu is served in a metal plate. And yes, it is a big serving that will surely fulfill your appetite!  

And though we are already on a rainy season, this bingsu dessert will definitely brings you back to a summer delight! 

Do you also love bingsu? What flavors of bingsu do you already tasted? Feel free to share it with us so that we can discuss on our next post. Red bean matcha...the bingsu that I love the most! :)

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