Angus Beef Ramen with Pork Tonkatsu and Curry Spring Rolls for a Japanese Dinner

It's indeed a Japanese dinner for us tonight as we spend quality time in an authentic Japanese restaurant taking three of their best-selling meals. For the main dish, we have the Angus Beef Ramen. It is paired with the Pork Tonkatsu and Curry Spring Roll as its side dishes.

Here are our full Japanese meal for tonight:

The place is so familiar right? Yes, we had our Japanese dinner night at one of the branches of Ramen Nagi in the Metro. The ramen that we have ordered is so perfect for a cold rainy night!

The ramen that we had is called the Gyu King Braveheart Black Angus Beef. It is a seasonal ramen offered by Ramen Nagi for this month. So grab your opportunity to taste it because next month, it wouldn't be available because new ramen dish will be served!

And of course, the two side dishes are the crispy Pork Tonkatsu dipped in a Japanese sauce together with the crunchy Curry Spring Roll dipped on the other hand in a tasty tomato sauce.

I made my ramen extra spicy with two additional spicy sauce. It perfectly blends with two fried side dishes making our dinner a full-filled one!  

On my succeeding posts, I'll discuss with you in full details these three Japanese food that we had from ramen to spring rolls to the pork tonkatsu! You will definitely ask for more!

Meanwhile a cold water or fruit juices will perfectly suit these meal as your beverage. You can also order an ice cream as your dessert! :)

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