Croissant Filled with Lettuce and Ham

Croissants is one of my favorite breads. It is perfect for snack and breakfast. It some restaurants, they served it as an appetizer.  

Just recently, we had attended a prestige event in one of the five star hotels in Makati. And they served us these yummy croissants.

And these are the said croissants which really filled our appetite:

These croissants were our breakfast for that day. It seems a full meal because the servings of these croissants are really huge. And yes, they were also filled with variety of ingredients for a balance diet!

These croissant breads are filled with a green lettuce, yummy ham, and some sliced of cheese. With those ingredients, these are really perfect for a balance diet giving us vitamins, minerals, and some nutrients needed by our body!  

Croissant is actually a French bread. It is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry inspired by the shape of the Austrian kipferl but using the French yeast-leavened laminated dough. Its main ingredients are yeast-leavened dough and butter. But you can filled it with other ingredients like lettuce, ham, bacon, and cheese just like the one served to us.

And since we had these croissants for breakfast, we paired it with hot coffee. You can also paired it with hot dark or milk chocolate as your beverage depending on your desire. For some, they matched it with shakes or fruit juices!

These croissants are so yummy that we asked for more! We will definitely back and take some as our pasalubong. Great! :)   


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