Pork Barbecue with a Twist!

Who loves to eat barbecue? Count me in! Barbecue is one of our favorite Filipino dish! We love it best specially for ulam. Even in the different parties, barbecue is always present making the celebration extra special!

Barbecue is usually pork. When you say a barbecue, it already means a pork barbecue!  The pork meat is grilled at its finest!

In one of the events that we have attended, a special pork barbecue was served to us! Oh yes, it was actually a pork barbecue with a twist!

Well, let me share with you first the foodgasmic photo of that said pork barbecue. Here it is:

Unlike the usual pork barbecue that we used to know, this so-called 'pork barbecue' with a twist has other more ingredients joining the pork meat on the stick!

On the ordinary pork barbecue, it is solely pork meat marinated with a barbecue sauce. But in this type of pork barbecue, there are other more ingredients present like a green pepper, red bell pepper, onion, garlic, and some small slices of cucumber.  It is also savored with some strands of green veggies on the main dish. Basil leaves were sprinkled on the pork barbecue on their serving tray.   

The barbecue sauce that was used to marinade the pork barbecue is also unique from the ordinary barbecue sauce. There's a kick of tomato paste mixed with it. The taste is a little bit mix of spicy, sweet, and sour all at the same time!

And what more, the barbecue dips vary! Unlike with a regular vinegar, three dip sauces were served! You may choose from a spicy sauce, a regular sauce (similar to a soy sauce for barbecue), and the yellow sauce similar to a Caesar sauce used for salad dressing!  

I feel so hungry again discussing with you this kind of pork barbecue with a twist! Can you guess how many sticks I took during that event? Swear, I can't resist its yumminess! :)

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