Egg Panini x Ham and Cheese Croissant for a Full Meal Snack

Panini and croissant are two of my favorite pastries for snack! It is best paired with coffee or hot dark chocolate!

Just recently, we just had a full meal snack of these two favorite pastries! It's a full meal snack because with just one bread, you will already becomes stomach-full! What more if panini and croissant were both served on your table? Not only that, they were not the ordinary panini and croissant that you already know!

Oh well before I discuss everything, check this out first:

These two pastries were filled with your favorite meat!

The panini is filled with scrambled egg mixed with ham. There were also some lettuce and green pepper joining them.

On the other ham, the croissant is full filled with ham and strips of cheese! So yummy!

To share with you a quick trivia, panini is actually a small slice of bread usually grilled before serving. It originates in Italy. The term "panini" or "panino" is an Italian word which means "small bread" or "bread rolls."   

Meanwhile, croissant comes from France. Croissants are named for their historical crescent shape! It's a butterfly, flaky pastry which can be filled with meat, cheese, and other flavors inside! 

Panini and croissants... which of these two you like and love the most? Which of the two will you eat first if these two were served on your table? :)

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