A Creamy Buko Pandan for Dessert

Buko Pandan is one of the favorite Filipino desserts. It is present in most of the celebrations like in fiestas, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasions. And yes, this is also my favorite dessert I'm always looking for in every handaan.

In our recent dinner in the hi-end restaurant in Pampanga serving Filipino dishes, we have been treated with buko pandan for our dessert. And knowing Pampanga who is serving the best tasting food in town, their version of buko pandan is again extraordinary!

Here is the buko pandan served on our table for dessert which truly captivated our senses:

The normal or the usual buko pandan that we know is made of buko  or coconut strips with green gulaman or gelatin poured with condensed milk and creamer. But in the buko pandan that we had, it has other ingredients like big and small white pearl or sago and white nata de coco.

Nata de coco is one of the main ingredients of another popular Pinoy dessert halo-halo. But in our buko pandan, this nata de coco turns to be a special guest adding more kicks and flavor to our dessert. Oh yeah, this version of buko pandan is so flavorful! I really can't resist its taste and I asked for more!

Aside from white nata de coco, kaong can also be a good additional ingredients to buko pandan. I have tasted before a buko pandan with kaong as its additional ingredients instead of a nata de coco.  

In the other recipes, they added vanilla to buko pandan to add more aroma or to make the dessert more aromatic! And in some versions, they even sprinkle crushed or bits of cheese in their recipe.   

Oh well, whatever versions of buko pandan they are preparing, I really love this dessert! Looking forward to taste other buko pandan recipes from other places or nearby towns. :)

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