Me and Margarita

Who among you loves to hangout on bars? How about attending parties or cocktail events? Well, if you are a party enthusiast and loves attending classy events, I'm sure you already meet her!

She's best paired with beer or red wines. She can also best match for juices like mango, orange, pineapple, or berries. And yes, shake it on 'cause she also loves shakes - watermelon shake, guava shake, ripe mango shake, guyabano shake, banana it, she'll love it! Excited to meet her? Well, she's no other than Margarita!

And here she is! Meet Margarita:

At first, she's always mistakenly identified as pizza! But, she's slimmer than the pizza. She has a more crunchy crust. Actually not only the crust, even the whole part of the pie!

She was called as Margarita since her name was derived from a 'margarine,' her major ingredients. She has garlic, pepper, cheese crunch, onion or basil leaves, and other ingredients that would make her more flavorful! Of course, hot sauce can make her more spicy and tasty!

So, are you excited to try Margarita? Well, let's go on parties and have a taste of Margarita together with your favorite beverages! :)

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