Tender Beef Steak with Veggies

Who loves beef steak? Well, come me in 'cause type type of cuisine is one of my favorites! And I'll let you share today one of the best tasting beef steak I've ever tasted! 

Beef Steak or simple steak is a common serving to some of the famous hi-end restaurants. It is usually a slice of beef cut in perpendicular. The beef is savor with soy sauce with garlic and onions. In some restaurants and food houses, they are using their own beef steak sauce to make they dish more flavorful and delicious! Beef steak is usually grilled, pan-fried, or boiled before savoring its rich steak sauce.

In a high-end restaurant in BGC, we just tasted a tender beef steak. The meat is so soft or tender that you can easily cut the meat with table knife and fork. What more, it is served with vegetables!

And so without further ado, here is the rich flavorful beef steak that is so tender served to us with its veggies:

Isn't it a balance diet already right? You have the meat and at the same time, you have the vegetables on the side!

The side veggies served to us together with this beef steak are the green lettuce, the slice of tomatoes, and the green pipino or cucumber! So great that all these veggies were served together with the beef steak since all these vegetables - the lettuce, the cucumber, and the tomato (which is actually a fruit) ae all my favorites! 

The taste of the tender beef steak with its rich flavorful steak sauce are complimenting with the fresh veggies which served as its side dish.  The taste was so good that I've asked an extra rice!  

Aside from beef, pork is also cooked as steak. Hence you will find pork steak in the menu of some of the restaurants! 

Beef steak...beef steak...beef steak! I will coming back for more! :)

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