Sashimi So Yummy!

Who among you loves Japanese food? Count me in 'cause aside from Thai dishes, Japanese food is my favorite! Then my followup question is, what is your favorite Japanese food?

Well for me, my favorite Japanese dishes are their ramen, tempura, teriyaki, sushi, and sashimi. And in terms of dessert, nothing can beat their green matcha! I love it!

Today, I will share with you one of my favorite Japanese food. And this is the sashimi!

Sashimi and sushi are always similar. People always got confuse if what is the difference between these two. Since both sashimi and sushi and made of fresh fish, what do you think is the main difference of these two Japanese foodies?

Sashimi  is a Japanese delicacy made of raw fish usually salmon or tuna. This raw fish is slice into thin cut. Unlike sushi, sashimi is not served with rice or meat toppings. Sushi on the other hand is mixed or combined with vinegared rice, various fillings such as seaweeds, seafood, and veggies. And both of them were dip into soy sauce best blend with wasabi.   

Now that you know the main difference between sashimi and sushi, let me give you more trivia about my favorite sashimi. Do you know what is the English term for sashimi? Well, sashimi means 'pierced fish!' Oh wow!

And of course, I will share with you one of the best sashimi that I have tasted in one of my favorite hi-end restaurants. And here it goes:

Served fresh with its taste that's so yummy! I can't resist in every bite! It's flavor is so delightful!

This sashimi is made from raw thin sliced of salmon. It was served to us together with its partner - the green wasabi which add more kicks to its flavorful taste!    

I dipped my favorite sashimi to its sashimi sauce blended with this green wasabi. This plate is not enough for a sashimi lover like me. Therefore, I've ordered again another serving!

Unlike the other sashimi servings, this sashimi also comes with its side dish. As you can see, it comes with thin slices of pipino or cucumber! It also comes together with stripes of white steamed pancit.

 I so love this sashimi! My expectation was never failed! The taste, the servings - all superb! We will definitely coming back for more! Sashimi, you are really so yummy that I can't resist! :) 

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