Little Colorful Cupcakes

Cakes, cakes, cakes for an afternoon break or merienda! I have shared with you on my previous posts my favorite cakes as well their uniqueness making them standout from the others. And today, I have captured another attractive cakes which will surely capture your senses.

Actually these cakes were not those huge cakes on the bakeshops nor the slice of cakes I've discussed on my previous post. Rather, they were cupcakes... the cute little cupcakes with different colors. Their colors represent their flavors. 

Oh well, let's check this out:

Actually, these cupcakes come with different colorful whips which represent their flavors. They have the red whip for cherry, the purple or violet for taro, yellow for banana,  green for guava, and orange obviously for the orange fruit.

But since the coffee shop is about to close, only two whip colors left for our cupcakes. And these are the cupcakes with pink whip which is a strawberry flavor and a yellow-orange cupcakes' whip for its mango flavor.

And here is their portrait photo to make you see more of their yumminess and sweetness:

I know you will also ask me if what beverage would perfectly match these cupcakes. Of course, nothing can beat the black coffee since these cute little cupcakes were already sweet. It's also your choice to make your black coffee hot or ice-cold!

Meanwhile a hot chocolate can also be paired to these colorful cupcakes. You can order the chocolate as a hot chocolate or an ice-cold chocolate goodness! 

Milk teas could also be a great pair for the cupcakes. But since these colorful cupcakes were already sweet, I recommend to have your milk teas in minimal sugar level - say 50%, 30%, or 20%. But me, I prefer a zero sugar level on my milk tea!

I wouldn't recommend to pair these cute little colorful cupcakes with juices or shakes since the cupcakes were already sweet and at the same, they already got the fruit flavors you are eyeing! 

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes... colorful cute cupcakes. Which of these cupcakes will you choose to eat or taste first? :)

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