Banana Cake with Bits of Almonds and Nips Chocolates

Banana plus chocolate equals Banana Cake. This is one of the healthy cakes I ever love. The cake combines the goodness of banana into the sweetness of chocolates.

But during our coffee meal in one of the coffee and bread shop in Makati, the barista offered a special type of banana cake to us. According to him, it's an extraordinary cake far different from the usual banana cake we used to eat.

Aside from its main ingredients which are banana and cocoa or chocolate, the special banana cake offered to us has a new variety. There are bits of almonds on top of this cake. What more, there are also colorful Nips chocolates sprinkled around the banana cake!

And unlike the ordinary or the normal banana cake which is usually brown in color, this unique or special banana cake is in green color! Actually, the brown and green colors collide giving a fresh forest-like ambiance. 

Oh well, here is a bigger photo of the said banana cake that we had dined in on that merienda afternoon.

Let's check this out:

This banana cake is best paired with hot or ice-cold milk tea for beverage. In my case, I have ordered a green matcha milk tea to match this yummy banana cake. And since the weather is still hot 'cause the summer is not yet over, I've chose the ice-cold matcha milk tea to be its partner.

But aside from the matcha milk tea or other type of milk tea, this banana cake can be also paired with a black coffee, affogato, or esspreso. It is also your choice if a hot or an ice-cold coffee!

These two slices of banana cake matched with green tea match milk tea truly make us full for a healthy yet sweet merienda for the day! :)


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