Meet the Heart of Palm Spring Rolls

Who among you loves the so-called lumpiang ubod  or lumpiang sariwa? Well, count me in as this type of lumpia is included in the list of my favorite food!

In my recent post, I've shared with you the special lumpiang shanghai  with a twist and we had discussed why this lumpia is different from the ordinary spring rolls that we used to know. Today, we will go to another type of lumpia.  And this type of lumpia is the lumpiang ubod or the lumpiang sariwa.

Lumpiang Ubod  or lumpiang sariwa is known in English as the Heart of Palm spring rolls. It is another popular Filipino dish. During my childhood, I've known this type of lumpia as lumpiang sariwa. My mom called it as lumpiang sariwa and I learned it from her.

Lumpiang Ubod serves as an appetizer. It is consist of julienned ubod with various meat and vegetables in a thin egg crepe. The common vegetables that were wrapped inside the thin crepe were usually singkamas, carrots, and letsugas or lettuce. For some, they add ground pork on the mixture. In other recipes, they sprinkled bits of nuts or peanuts in the mixture before rolling or wrapping it in the crepe or in the thin lumpia wrapper.

On one of our lunches in a Filipino restaurant, a fresh lumpiang ubod or heart palm spring rolls were served to us as our appetizer. And this is how this yummy lumpia looks like:

This lumpiang ubod is almost similar to the common lumpia that we eat. But what makes it unique from the others is the additional ingredients of it.

Well as you can see, aside from the usual ingredients, there are steamed shrimps inside the lumpia crepe. The shrimps replaced the ground pork as the dish's meat ingredients.

In terms of the vegetables, still present are the veggies like singkamas, ubod, and carrots with strips of onions. But, there is also pipino or cucumber joining the fresh vegetable ingredients!

The sauce is the usual lumpiang ubod  or lumpiang sariwa sauce with bits of peanuts and garlic on top of it. There are also basil leaves on the side that will compliment the taste of the lumpia. As they say, pangtanggal umayi!

Lumpiang ubod comes in two forms - the fresh lumpia (that's why it's called lumpiang sariwa) and the fried lumpia. The one that was served to us was the fresh version!

And what I love most about this lumpiang ubod serving? Well, they were healthy appetizer! Imagine, all inside the thin crepe are fresh healthy vegetables with steamed shrimps and no pork! And the sauce dip is also made of soy sauce, peanut, and garlic! All these ingredients were good for heart! Hence, it is perfectly fits its English name as the Heart of Palm! :)

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