Lovin the Choco and the Blueberry Muffins

Who loves muffins? What is your favorite muffins? Are muffins also cupcakes?

Hello everyone! It's a lovin muffins day as we have treated with muffins today! Oh yes, huge muffins were served on our plates for a stomach-filled snack! And I got two muffins - the chocolate and the blueberry muffins!

But wait, before I share with you my two muffins on my plates, let me share first with you what muffins are!

Mr. Webster describes muffins as single-serving quick breads, which rise with the help of baking soda or baking powder and eggs instead of yeast. They tend to be sweet and somewhat moist, but heavier than a cake or cupcake. Muffins are baked in a pan with cup-sized indentations. In some other ways, they were also referred as cupcakes! But yes, they are heavier than cupcakes!

And now, here are the muffins served to us. Let's check these out:

I got four muffins by the way on my plate for snack! But these muffins have two different flavors, the chocolate muffin and the blueberry muffin! What only the difference is the topping on these muffins.

Toppings vary on these muffins. One of them is the chocolate while the other is the peanut!

Let me share with you another view of my muffins. Here they are:

These muffins are so tasty that you can't resist! And because of their huge sizes, you can easily get full!

Meanwhile, the best drink or beverage that can be paired to these muffins are either hot chocolates or cold fruit juices. A black brewed coffee is also a best match for it! But of course, a cold water is just enough if you want a cheaper drink!     

Do you also love muffins? Feel free to share with us your best experience with this type of pastry! :)

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