Fresh and Delightful California Maki

One of the characteristics of Japanese food is that they are always fresh! Some of them where served raw. Sushi, maki are some of these favorite Japanese snacks that were offered fresh and raw!

In my previous post, I've shared with you my favorite sashimi which was served to us in a Japanese restaurant during one of our events. And today, it's time for the maki particularly the California Maki!

Maki, also known as Makizushi, are the traditional sushi rolls of sour rice with a core of seafood or veggies wrapped in nori sheets. Maki or Makizushi is the old name for sushi. More precisely, maki refers to rolled sushi rice, where 'sushi' means rice seasoned with vinegar. Moreover, maki sushi can be balled into a cylinder with a thin strip of cucumber, soy paper, cabbage, and omelet despite the traditional nori sheets. And yes, there are several types of maki sushi based on the folding technique and size. And one of these is the California Maki which we recently had for a snack! 

And this is the said California Maki which is served fresh to us:

California Maki is often called as California Roll. This is an uramaki containing crab, avocado, and cucumber. Sometimes crab salad is substituted for the crab stick, and often the outer layer of rice is sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds or roe. 

California maki is best dipped with maki sauce savored with the green wasabe making it spicy and more flavorful! In some other servings, a mayonnaise or a salad dressing is poured into it.

Do you also love California Maki? How about the other types of maki or sushi roll? What is your favorite dip for your maki recipe? How about your favorite drinks or beverages that you want to pair with it?

Meanwhile talking about drinks or beverages that can be paired to your California Maki, it can be fruit juices or fresh fruit shakes! A cold ice tea can also match this fresh and delightful maki!  

We're loving this maki! We're be back in our favorite Japanese restaurant soon to grab some more makis and Japanese snacks! :)

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