Yummy Pancit Canton for Merienda

What's your favorite merienda or meryenda? Well, when we talk about merienda, Filipinos have lots to offer! The Pinoy dish will serve you lots of all-time favorite and best-selling Filipino food that will satisfied your stomach. And one of these all-time favorite merienda is the so-called Pancit Canton.

Aside from spaghetti and all types of pasta, Pancit Canton is one of my favorite pancits! Pancit Canton in English or in foreign countries is known as the "Filipino Stir-Fried Noodles." It is a staple Pinoy dish found in numerous feast and celebrations - birthdays, anniversaries, fiestas, Christmas eve, parties... name other more celebrations and this pancit is always present!  

And one of the best-tasting Pancit Canton that was served to us was during our merienda time in Clark Field, Pampanga. Pampanga is known for serving the best food in town. As they say, "masarap magluto ang mga taga Pampanga!"  And it was proven to us when they served as this yummy pancit canton!

And this is a mouthful Pancit Canton in a huge plate that was served to us for our merienda:

As you can see, this special Pancit Canton from Pampanga is rich of yummy ingredients! Actually, all the ingredients for an ideal pancit canton is present in this dish! Part of its ingredients or sahog are the pork, the chicken meat, the shrimp, the pork liver or atay ng baboy, the squid ball, the kikiam, and the vegetables namely the cabbage, the carrot, the celery, the onion leaves, the Baguio beans, the onion, and the garlic. It is savor with thick soy sauce cooked with perfection! Adding more twist to the taste of this pancit canton is its black pepper poured on top of the servings.

This so yummy pancit canton can really make you full. But for some, they paired this pancit canton with breads like pandesal and pan. Garlic bread is also best suit for this menu.

And for drinks, water is just enough. But of course we want a colored water! It can be best blend with my favorite sago't gulaman or with juices like orange juice, calamansi juice, mango juice, or watermelon juice. Softdrinks or cola can also be paired with it!

This is really so yummy and so plenty! It is rich with ingredients that your mouth and appetite can't resist! If I'm not mistaken, this Pancit Canton serving is the most plenty and the most tasty! I want to have more and more on my plate! :)

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