Hello Kutsinta!

Another Filipino food that I love and we love the most is the Kutsinta! It is another all-time favorite food or delicacies that is so popular in the different parts of the Philippines. And yes, it is also best for merienda  or almusal (breakfast).

Kutsinta or Kutchinta is known as a sticky rice cake. As they say, Chinese brought this delicacy to our country a very long, long time ago. Actually the term "Kutsinta" or "Kutchinta" comes from a Chinese word "Kueh Tsin Tao" when "Kueh" is a Hokkien word that means a a bite-sized cake or dessert food.

Kutsinta usually comes in small sizes. But actually, these small sizes vary. There are even bigger sized Kutsinta and there are also tiny sizes similar to the size of a coin. It is usually orange in color and is so sticky. And it is best served with niyog  or coconut flakes on top of it!

During one of our travels in the Northern part of the country, a very delicious Kutsinta was served to us. And here is the said kutsinta that captivates our hungry stomach: 

This kutsinta on a huge bilao is so yummy that we can't resist! They were also topped by niyog making this delicacy so flavorful!

Aside from the coconut flakes or niyog, in some other places, this kutsinta is also served with white or brown sugar. The best sugar pair for it is the mascovado or the coconut sugar! Well if you're a health conscious or into a healthy lifestyle, mascovado or coconut sugar will definitely fits you! 

Aside from niyog, sugar, and mascovado, others also paired kutsinta with a condensed milk! Yeah, this creamy condense milk makes this kutsinta delicacy sweeter and tastier! Have you tried pouring condensed milk into your favorite kutsinta?

And for drinks to be paired with kutsinta, nothing can beat a hot coffee or a hot chocolate with this all-time favorite Filipino sticky rice delicacy! :)

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